A New Name & March’s Mundane

Our faithful longtime readers would have noticed our website name change recently.

Besides the name, not all that much has changed. I’m still putting blogs together when my heart desires. But, logistically the business side looks a little different these days.

While Dillon and I would love to shoot family photography someday in the future together on weekends and in our free time, we just know it’s not where our priorities are at right now. We lack the time and heart space to take those kinds of projects on with the intentionality they deserve.

But, contrarily, my own creative work time during the day is starting to build as we come out of the fog & fun that is the itty bitty infant stage with Janie.

So, as naps start to become more regular and my energy grows, I find myself excited to focus some creative energy during the days to small work projects (lifestyle brand photography and creative styling). And while I certainly can’t launch full time to take on as many opportunities as I hope to in the future, I still thought it was important to pivot this digital space as things change for us and our family.

But, rest assured, the blog lives on. So, I’ll get on with the regularly scheduled programming!

As I look back on March, I’m reminded how sweet the mundane days are. The routines we find ourselves falling into and the comfort of the habits we’ve crafted together as a little family. So to most, this month may not be much to write home about, but I’m so grateful for our simple days.

The winter lull made us desperate for a little dose of family excitement, so we headed to Michigan. Good eats and drinks, little shopping, and most notably, for the girls, hotel swims!

We even ventured out of our usual spots and made our way to Grand Rapids to check out Stoffer Home and the children’s museum. It was a blast. Perfect balance of mom & dad fun and excitement for the girls.

But beyond our tiny Midwest adventure, we’ve been at home. Enjoying our days between gymnastics class & play time, and neighborhood walks & house projects.