Good Days & Gallery Walls

Wow, March is nearly gone and these last couple months have really flown by. Many of those weeks were spent ushering workers in and out of the house on electrical and plumbing projects. But between it all, we were able to enjoy our time with the girls and sneak a few other little projects in.

Finished up our family room gallery wall surrounding our TV, and it was just what was needed. In our last house, things felt really bare and really cold. But this house has me running in the opposite direction. Still keeping things simple and usually neutral, I’m just leaning into the less square footage and increased coziness of our space this time around.

Janie and Nora are the cutest gals together. Nobody makes Jane laugh quite like her big sister. Every day is spent giggling and dancing, dressing up, and working on teaching Jane all the essential things like rolling and crawling, talking, and singing along to our favorites from Frozen.

And when we aren’t having a family dance party, we’re usually juggling tape measures and power drills as we work our way through the house. But, we can happily cross off the entry from our list. She sure did turn out beautiful!