Downsizing & Organizing

Sometimes I catch myself getting caught up in all the work we have to do with this house. It can feel really overwhelming. Working on the basement is a huge undertaking with so many layered components. Dillon’s been pouring hours into completing the project but there were some big plumbing and electrical hang ups that required us seeking out the professionals. Happy to say though that the houses plumbing and electrical have all been updated! No we can forge ahead on finishing our big whammy projects.

So while the basement is in disarray for now, I’ve been desperate trying to keep things calm and organized upstairs. It’s no easy task- some days it feels like we’re busting at the seams with toys and things for the girls. I’ve implemented some more intentional toy rotation along with deeply purging & organizing every space I can get my hands on.

The linen closet feels like a work of art to me. And an exact representation of my goals for the rest of the house: simple, layered, textured, chic but simple. Refined and timeless.

So we’re staying ever so busy trying to keep a healthy balance with everything we’ve got going on. But, no complaints from our little fam and these sweet days together.