Cozy Play & Greenery Bouquets

We wasted no time at all throwing ourselves into another house project: rewiring our entire house.

A couple of months ago, we were working on the entryway. We wanted to add sconces to the wall so we started to take a look at how and where we could connect the wiring. After popping of the switch plate and digging a little deeper, Dill discovered cloth wiring.

We were so defeated and nervous because it’s a pretty dangerous style of wiring. And it just really felt like another painful blow to our emotions and our wallets to fix it.

Most electricians we spoke to said how they really couldn’t take on a project of that scale. After some searching, we finally found a reasonable company to take on the project.

Unfortunately, the process wasn’t the best experience. But at any rate, at the time of me writing this, it’s complete! Thank goodness.

But during the days of work on the house- I found myself with the girls cozying up and playing in Nora’s room or escaping to my parent’s for a few hours during the day.

And while it was a crazy long process and really quite disruptive, we were still able to find our rhythms for our family- yummy meal planning, playing with the girls, cozying up for our favorite shows, and stocking the house up on some fresh greenery.