New Year Inspired & A House Rewired

January really is just an illusion for a fresh start, but I’ve certainly bought in. I always feel so refreshed and excited to begin the new year. But, there’s also a little healthy pressure to do better, be a bit more successful and hit the ground running with productivity.

Assuming we can all give ourselves grace during this time, why not lean into that fresh start sentiment and really set some goals?

My goal, really since becoming a wife and mom, is always and likely always will be to live with intention. To slow down with purpose and spend my days, no matter how simple, putting my heart into the things I am doing.

I assembled a list of more concrete ways I hope to live with intention this year. And I’ve done the same for future home projects. It will most likely evolve as new things pop up, but I think it’s a good place to start. A healthy mix of big projects and quick little weekend jobs or purchases.

As I write this though, we find ourselves in the midst of a very big somewhat disruptive project: rewiring our entire home. We didn’t have any plans to do so, but surprises lurk around every corner in this house! Thankfully, we’re able to get it replaced right away. And the comfort of knowing it’s so much safer is priceless.

So, I’m imagining our house isn’t in disarray and instead sharing some fun photos and reflections from our first week of 2023. Kicked off the year with our Coachella NYE party and lots of playtime with the girls!