November’s Air & Playing Fair

Mid November and we’ve finally reached some consistently cold days. I’d say that’s a pretty good fall! We all actually got to enjoy a number of comfortable weeks which was so lovely, but that familiar chill in the air just feels so good.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas will quickly follow. This year is going to be such a fun holiday season. Nora is really starting to get it. She talks about Jesus’ birthday and Santa. It’s the sweetest.

Nora has been chatting so much- basically non stop from the moment she wakes up till she falls asleep at night. She’s so busy and so excitable these days. We spend a couple days a week and a mommy and me preschool program and another day at dance class. Things are so busy, but in the best way.

Nora is finally learning those tough lessons on sharing, taking turns, and that ever so elusive concept for a two year old: patience. But, these are good growing pains and our sweet girl is doing so well in these new situations.

Janie bug has been such a little trooper- going with the flow of her big sister’s social calendar. Most days, she’s happiest being held or while chatting us up with her loud little coos!

We’re kind of flying by the seat of our pants in terms of schedules for Janie, but thankfully she is pretty unbothered by naps on the go or falling asleep to a chatty big sister beside her.

Life is in a really sweet spot that we’re just trying to savor right now. Feeling so grateful for everything in our day to days, both big and small.