Day to Day & New House Play

Life’s been so beautifully full and busy since going from one to two. I know everyone’s experiences are different, but so far this change has been the hardest. All of our routines and rhythms have been turned upside down and our priorities have really shifted especially with how we spend our days.

Playtime is paramount. And meal times are sacred. The hours in the day feel fewer so the time we get to spend with the girls definitely needs to be intentional. I try to make sure there’s time each day when Nora and I have one on one time to play or watch a movie just the two of us. And Janie and I always have our time to cuddle and chat together right before bed.

And in between those moments we try to squeeze in some learning time, dancing, crafting, and getting out of the house to explore or busy ourselves with activities and tiny adventures.

So, while I’m still snapping photos and memories of the girls, I’ve been a bit slower to collect here. But, I’m hoping as time goes on, I’m able to continue to devote time to our little digital diary. Because while the days are long, the weeks are so fast and looking back on our memories is a gift I’ll always cherish.