July’s End & Little Friends

These sweet summer days are so full. Sunshine and late bedtimes. Lots of ice cream. Playing outside with our littlest cousin friends. And soaking up all the outdoor activities the season has to offer us.

Our house finally feels settled, so free time is a bit more ample these days. But of course, that leaves even more room for Dillon and I and our dreaming. Always cooking up something to work on within our little house, but it’s what we love to do together. Dream and then make it happen.

Our to do list is never ending and it seems as we cross one project off the list, a few more are added to the bottom. We’re eager to not only make this house a home, but make it ours in the process.

I know our busyness will be worth it come winter time, when we’re aching for a little more sunlight and thanking our lucky stars we got so much done during the warmer weather.