Daily Habits & House Status

We’re really rocking the one nap schedule and routine these days. First half of the day we do errands, clean the house, and take care of other chores. Then nap time and just a bit of rest for me. In the afternoons, we try to fill with activities – swimming, visits with family, new games or just some old favorites like painting or playing with water.

Life’s about to get a heck of a lot busier though in a handful of weeks when we add another peanut to the mix. But I’m hopeful for Nora’s sake that we can try to keep some routine in her days.

We’re going to start a little pre-pre school program to help fill up our activity time and I think she’ll really like it. It will take the pressure off of me to come up with things to do every day, but also scratch my teacher itch to work on some little lessons!

Ahh, and the house. While it’s no where near “done”, it’s settled and feels like home. We can finally rest easy knowing that the space reflects us right now. Our goal was to get a handful of projects done before baby and we definitely accomplished that.

Thankfully, everything feels really good. We have so many plans for all the rooms of the house down the line. But for now, things are just lovely as they are.

I’m so happy to be leaning into some more contrasts and textures, layers, and coziness in this house. Our last house felt so bright white and open that it didn’t really capture the feeling of home D and I always wanted to achieve.

So the newest updates to our current humble abode are a welcomed change to our previous styles, and we can’t wait to really sink our teeth into some bigger projects in the coming year or so.