Bold Floors & Flower Stores

Well, we decided to go a little out of our comfort zone and paint our kitchen floors a bold checkered pattern.

In the next year or two, we’d love to completely gut our kitchen, install or refinish the hardwood floors (fingers crossed we’ve got em under the tile!), and just generally update the entire layout of the space. But, in the meantime, I simply could not deal with the orange oak cabinets, yellowy laminate counters, and blah ceramic tile floors.

So, enter phase one- a budget friendly kitchen renovation. Painted cabinets (hopefully never have to do this again, it was a doozy), epoxied counter tops, fresh coat of paint on the walls, and finally, a fun bold floor to bring it all together.

We’re digging it. And we will happily be able to exist in the space before we totally redo it all, which was the goal. So just a final few touches on the kitchen before we can check it off as done, but we’re so excited about it.

Nora’s favorite thing to do lately is water the flowers. We were a little late to the planting game this summer with the move and everything, but once we finally got some in pots, our little helper was at our side ready to assist.

She loved picking out the flowers at the store and naming the colors as we wandered by filling up our cart. Her tiny hands were mostly helpful in the planting process, but the mess was worth it to see her so proud of her work.

Maybe, just maybe, Nora will help me develop somewhat of a green thumb after all. Only time will tell.