A Catch Up & Catch All

Goodness, it’s been a minute or two since I allowed myself some time to sit down and catch up on the chaos of our lives recently (beautiful blessed chaos, but chaos nonetheless).

The long and short of the last few months: balancing family time with a sudden move.

A house on one of our dream blocks popped up. We went for it. Got it. And then began the process of packing up, moving in, dealing with a litany of things that went wrong, selling our old house, renovating the new house, and now settling and slowing down as we get ready for the baby to arrive.

It has been nothing short of madness, but I think we’re starting to level out. We have one final list of ‘before baby projects’ that will keep us busy this last month or so, and then we will really slow down when he or she joins the party.

This house is a blank slate in the best neighborhood. It’s cozy. Has room to grow. Is surrounded by young families. And will keep us very busy for years to come. But we’re so excited about the dreams we’re already cooking up and the memories to be made here.

So while each day is a delicate balance of working on the house and playing together as a family, we can rest our heads at night knowing this feels so right for us.

And as if that life change wasn’t crazy enough for us, we had three vacations planned for the summer, too. So amidst everything else, we were busy packing up bags for Michigan, Portland (Maine), and Door County.

Great getaways with family and a sweet farewell to our time as a family of three.