A Patient Wait & Nursery Updates

Days at home with a very busy toddler can sometimes be overwhelming. The lingering winter makes outdoor adventures few and far between. We’re patiently waiting for spring to really be here, so in the meantime we’ve resorted to sensory bins with cheerios and clothespin playing. Thankfully, Nora is happy to be doing just about anything!

She’s especially happy though when she can give my tummy kisses and hugs and say hi to baby. While she may not totally understand, she’s just so full of love that she can’t help but express it.

And as we get closer and closer to this new little one’s arrival, we’re working on our final list of projects to tackle around the house. Most recently- updating the nursery floors. This room now looks so much more timeless and spacious. We always love updating spaces without breaking the bank- so simple decor changes, diy ottoman covering and reusing pieces from elsewhere in the house made this refresh so fun and cost effective.