Cookies & Coziness

These last couple of weeks we have really been getting in to the holiday swing of things. And it’s been a nice mix of quiet nights with movies playing and busy activities with family and friends. On the bucket list for this year: a trip to the zoo lights, Christmas cookie baking, and salt dough ornament making.

We lucked out and spent the evening at the zoo on one of the warmest nights we’d had in a long time. So we met our friends, bundled up the babies, and hung out way past bedtime. Nora was a champ! And couldn’t get enough of all the lights.

Christmas baking was also a wild success. A kitchen full of laughter and countertops full of cookies, the best! We made my Gram’s iced spritz cookies, and miraculously, a plateful even made it home with me. (We’d had our fair share of sampling throughout the day!)

And finally, our salt dough ornaments. A second annual tradition with Nora. Last year we stamped her itty bitty baby hands, and this year she was just about ready to take it all on herself! She is becoming so engaged and independent in tasks, and I know the holidays to come are only going to get better and better.