Christmas Scenes & Evergreens

Over the past handful of years, we’ve refined much of our holiday decorations down to just a couple of storage bins. Somewhere along the line “Christmas minimalism”, as I’ve dubbed it, came to fruition.

This season, so packed full of traditions, music, meals, decorations, presents, etc, can easily start to feel really heavy and cumbersome to navigate. And I think Dillon and I both felt called to lean into things that matter most to us. Like spending time with family, and reflecting on the purpose of the season. So the endless boxes of decor that took up physical space as well as heart space were easy to part with.

Instead, we were left with a few meaningful items (nativity set, Christmas ornaments, a few wreaths, and just a couple of odds and ends) and the rest we filled in with fresh greenery. It makes for an easy set up, leaving more time for cozying up watching movies or baking something sweet.

As Dillon and I get older, we’re starting to really respect the importance of experiences over things and “stuff.” So many times throughout the past year or so we’ve cleaned out and purged and continue to do so. And instead spend our money on weekend trips. Or other experiences for us as a family. And I think that notion has made its way to our Christmas season.

Less buying, more doing is what we’re all about. Hand making the salt dough ornaments and staying out late to look at Christmas lights. Cooking family dinners and watching all our favorite movies. Reading Christmas stories and dancing to holiday music.

So grateful for all the special memories this time of year brings.