Holiday Happenings & Happy Hearts

The days leading up to a holiday are sometimes just as busy as the holiday themselves between planning, prepping, baking and cooking and the regular day to day rhythms.

Thanksgiving week can sometimes feel like a marathon. So as November begins to come to a close, we’re finally taking a deep breath and sigh of gratitude after a very busy final weekend of the month.

Thanksgiving was so special this year. Last year everyone pivoted to keep people safe and healthy. But this year was a welcomed blessed of family time. Nora is truly so lucky to live so close to so many wonderful family members and friends.

Nothing beats a Thanksgiving spread and a toast to the people you love.

After a busy “two stop” Thanksgiving day, we dove head first into everything Christmas the next few days: found and cut down our tree, decorated, baked a first round of cookies, and checked out our local holiday parade and market.

And so we happily and excitedly kick off the Christmas season with extremely full hearts for all of our blessings this year.