A Busy Bee & Baby Gates

It seems like over the course of a week we went from Nora just getting good at cruising to now not being able to leave her anywhere for too long! She is on the go! Still cruising along everything around her, and I think in a few weeks she’ll be walking on her own.

Needless to say, we’ve had to amp up our baby proofing by lowering her crib and installing a baby gate. Dill made the one pictured above, and it’s just so much easier on the eyes than anything we could’ve bought at a store.

So, we’re just about baby proofed and not a moment too soon. Nora is a busy gal and constantly looking for areas to explore. I can even sense her “play” is changing. It’s clear she wants to be challenged and try new things. I’m excited for this new stage we’re headed for- toddlerhood. Things are about to get even more exciting and we can’t wait!

Somehow, our tiny baby girl is going to be one in a handful of days. And while this sweet year with our little one was full of so much tender joy, I cannot wait to continue to watch her grow.

So, we’re gearing up for a first birthday party this weekend, then throwing ourselves into a very packed fall. Already the calendar is filling up and the holidays are looming, but we’re so grateful for all of these seasonal rhythms .