Fall Capsule for Nora Bear

So very happy with Nora’s fall/winter capsule for the year. Pictured above are most of the items, not including one other peplum onesie, a few pajamas, tights, socks, and her shoes.

Now that we’re nearing toddlerhood, we were in desperate need of some new clothes for the colder weather. But I have to be really intentional about it, otherwise, it could get away from me really quick. So I looked at what summer dresses could work with tights and an undershirt, and only allowed myself to purchase new things within a budget or while they were on sale. I also made sure that most things could be mixed and matched. Almost everything is from H&M, Quincy Mae, Old Navy, and Colored Organics.

It was super helpful to create a Pinterest board with every single item. Kind of serving as a virtual closet. Totally recommend if you’re a visual thinker. Here’s the link to the board.

Excited to see how the capsule works this season, and hopefully we can make any additional purchases very small or non existent!

Now onto creating a F/W Capsule for me. Hopefully it’s as lovely as Nora’s!