Simple Mornings & Summertime Farewells

I’ve really sunk into our morning routines around here- Nora cuddles, make bed, get dressed, make coffee, tidy up, get breakfast going, and plan out the day while eating.

And while that seems like a pretty packed list, it’s actually a slow and simple way to start each day. I’m definitely a creature of habit and routine and mornings have quickly become my favorite. When I was teaching, I just didn’t have to time to slow down in the AM. I’d hustle to my classroom and start working as soon as I could.

So, I’m enjoying these easy mornings at home – coffee in hand, music playing, and the crisp morning air (a sure sign that fall is on the way).

This summer was beautiful. And so full. We rested, adventured, and soaked in every memory we could as a little family of three. And as much as I wish I could relive some of those sweet experiences, fall is calling. I’m excited to slow down even more and lean into the hygge that we know and love so well.

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