Shadow Dances & Mirror Glances

Nora has really found her reflection these days. I often find her stealing glances and giggles, sharing toys, waving, and giving kisses to that other little “baby” in the mirror. It’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

Days with her have gotten increasingly more adorable and more exciting. She’s cruising on furniture, opening cabinets, and getting a little too quick for us if we look away for a moment!

But, when I’m not watching Nora bean giggle to her reflection in the mirror, I’m picking up the camera. I’ve been so moved by simple beauty in our home lately. The way the light hits different spots throughout the day, and the shadows that dance along the walls.

Maybe it’s the whole world hunkering down again amidst the ebb and flow of the pandemic. Maybe it’s life with a little one. Or maybe it’s the dog days of summer that just slow me down. But whatever has afforded me the lens that I’m seeing our home through, I’m grateful for it!

I really do believe there is so much beauty and joy in the simple. But it takes intention to see it. It’s not easy to always see the beauty in yet another load of folded laundry, let alone to be inspired enough photograph it. But, I think the vast majority of people actually relate to this simple every day world. Sometimes it can get overwhelming to constantly be seeing others sharing their big news, creative project, and latest vacation . And while so beautiful, it can sometimes make your everyday feel less than…and not quite as beautiful.

So, I’m determined to continue to photograph the simple. The otherwise boring. Because there is beauty in it, and I so hope to inspire others to find it in their lives too.

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