Baby Pools & Back to School

This season marks my third since taking a step back from teaching full time. And even though I don’t have a classroom or roster of students to prepare for, I still feel that familiar excitement and anticipation for back to school.

There is just something so nostalgic about this time of year. The back to school shoe shopping, fresh backpacks and spiral notebooks, and a seeing the school busses rounding the corner in the afternoon. Not to mention the all too welcomed notion that fall is not far away.

It’s an interesting place for us to be these days though, especially as someone who loves this time. Believe me, I jump at the opportunity to fill up a fresh academic planner, but we’ve so been enjoying the fact that our little babe is a good few years away from school – meaning our summer gets to linger on for a bit longer.

Our weeknights still feel like summertime, despite the sun’s earlier and earlier farewell. And day time is full of our little summer routines of swimming in our baby pool, grabbing iced coffee and donuts, and taking on a few extra projects.

And while I definitely see myself back in the classroom eventually, I’m endlessly grateful for the opportunity to stay home right now. So, I’m making it a point to slow down and enjoy these summer days for all they’re worth.

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