Party Prep & Photo Plans

We celebrated Nora’s baptism over the weekend with our families. It was intimate and beautiful – a lovely celebration welcoming her into the Church! We had the sweetest little get together after at our house, and it made me so very excited to start thinking about her first birthday!

I can’t even believe it’s just about two months away, but here we are. With a nearly mobile nine and a half month old who keeps us on our toes and smiling all day long.

Dillon and I love to gather with friends and family. And we also love the occasional theme party (our annual New Year’s Eve party always has a theme and is the best!) So it’s no surprise that we’ve got something fun planned for Nora’s first birthday.

Here’s what we’re dreaming up: Camp Nora. Still ironing out the details, but assuming it’s safe and healthy to gather outside, we’re hoping our friends and family will enjoy a little trip to our backyard summer camp this fall!

Also hoping to square away some mini sessions this fall. The pictures I have with and of Nora are priceless and something I know we’ll treasure forever. D and I want to give that same opportunity to other families in an accessible and relatively easy way.

So, while the fall is already shaping up to be pretty exciting, we’ve got a bunch of summer fun still on the books that we can’t wait to document and share!

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