Projects & Playtime

I dusted off the sewing machine for the first time in a long while to make Nora a little bow. I’m hopeful that it’s the start of continued projects in all their handmade glory. We’ll start with bows and slowly make our way up from there!

We’ve been spending a good amount of time at home since the Fourth of July, ands it’s been nice to tackle out standing projects as well as the fun little ones that have cropped up!

It’s getting harder and harder to complete things though because Nora is so on the move lately. Army crawling everywhere and not quite content in the spot we place her in for too long! She’s just so curious and excited to explore the world around her. Sometimes, Dill and I will step back quietly and just watch her play- it’s fascinating and absolutely adorable.

This time at home has been life giving for all of us in many ways- Nora is flexing her new muscles and she figures out her newfound mobility, and we’ve had some time to work on a fun endeavor we’ll launching in a few weeks.

Each day at home for us is a balancing act of the day to day things and leaning into what fills our cups up. Sometimes we struggle with that balance, or imbalance rather. But it’s a good struggle, one that forces us to make sacrifices for our little family and prioritize what’s really important to us. Like playing with Nora and reading her favorite books while stealing away a little time after bedtime to sneak in some projects.

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