Boundaries & the Best Kind of Busy

Now more than ever, I’m learning to appreciate boundaries in creative work. We only have twenty-four hours in a day, and if I wasn’t intentional, all twenty four of those could be easily filled with projects.

In all honestly, it’s a good problem to have. It’s the best kind of busy, but can easily be overwhelming without the right boundaries in place. Accepting that some projects just have to wait has made all the difference.

I’ve been spending much of my free time on a bigger project that wrapped up recently and am starting to pick up the camera for our day to day a bit more. And thats my favorite kind of content to capture- finding the simple beauty in our every day.

We’re just about at the Fourth of July, which in my head tends to mark the halfway point in summer and gives us pause to reflect on what we’ve done and time yet to plan a bit more. It’s the sweet spot of summer. When you don’t want to book up all your weekends but still hope to milk every minute out of the summer.

A few trips are still on the horizon, but we sure as heck enjoy our daily rhythm in between packing up the car and hitting the road for adventures.

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