Cupcakes & Zoo Dates

My sweet tooth is dangerous. Truly. I absolutely must end each day with something chocolate. This week, it’s homemade chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Yum.

My nightly dessert is just one of the many rhythms of our day to day, but undoubtedly one of my favorites. Along with my evening treat the last week or so, Dill and I have been doing an online class to renew our CPR training.

We figured since Nora is on to solids, we want to make sure we’re totally comfortable in case of any kind of emergency. So, our nights have been filled up with simulations to get our training in.

But our days are starting to look like summer time! Nora and I recently went to the zoo and had so much fun.

Can’t wait for more trips back, and other activities this summer! We’re packing things up and headed for a little road trip soon, so we’re really feeling that summer spirit. Little adventures with our little family. Nothing better!

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