Slow Days & Summer Dreams

I’ve yet again been suckered into another H&M purchase (go ahead, ask me how Nora’s minimal capsule wardrobe is coming…. )

In my defense, I really haven’t purchased any new clothes at all for myself. So while I’m certainly leaning into minimalism, Nora on the other hand is enjoying a few late night impulse buys. Her sweet little rash guard swimmy is adorable, and there are just a few new little outfits on the way.

I’m chalking it up to wardrobe necessities since Nora recently received her DOCband. They say to dress babies wearing helmets a bit cooler to keep them comfortable, so a couple new fits were called for!

Aside from our adjustments to her new noggin accessory, our days are really quite slow. I make it a point to leave the house a few times a week, but also relish in the consistency of staying home and moving through our routine with a nice slow flow.

We haven’t established a set schedule for Nora bug, and we’re in no rush to do so (despite my type a-ness thinking we have to).

It’s really nice knowing plans can change without all hell breaking loose in the meantime. Nora sleeps when she’s tired and eats when she’s hungry, and that’s about all the schedule we need to keep the whole fam happy and healthy.

This summer we want to be spontaneously slow. Enjoy the comforts of home and the relaxation that comes with it, but remaining open to saying yes to adventures both big and small, making plans with people we love, and milking every moment of family time we have together in this season.

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