Matching Sets & Mondays

Lately, Mondays have been wildly productive for me. It’s not that they weren’t before, but with Nora we like to spend as much free time as we can with family and having fun. And for us, that naturally occurs towards the end of the week and weekend.

So as I anticipate the fun to be had as the week rolls on, I like to tackle as many things at the beginning of the week as possible. Monday is my grind day. My get it done as soon as possible day. Which is good, because come Friday that productivity has all but dwindled.

Today was a pretty successful kick off to the week- crossed off everything on the to do list and even made it to Target before 8:30AM. I fought every temptation to buy all the mama and me matching sets they had because goodness they were adorable, and lord knows I love matching my bean.

But this week we’re spending time planning the upcoming weeks but also setting our sights on some big summer fun. A couple trips, some dreamy little adventures, and enjoying the outdoors as much as we can. It always catches me off guard though when we start planning. I seem to forget how few weekends there are in the summer and how quickly the calendar fills up. So I’m hoping to slow down and enjoy all that we get to do and not stress about anything we didn’t quite accomplish.

Ahh Mondays, so fresh and fruitful. Grateful for another beautiful week. Cheers!

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