Cocktails & Quietude

For the first weekend in what’s felt like a long while, we didn’t have much of any plans or major projects on our docket.

We cozied up extra long in bed in the mornings and enjoyed the quiet. Took a long walk around our neighborhood day dreaming about what flowers we’d like to plant this spring. Had the first bon fire of the season. Made homemade pizzas, again, and enjoyed some evening cocktails once Nora was down for the night.

I feel like we’re in this holding place of enjoying these chilly spring days at home. It’s not quite warm enough for us to take Nora along for evening dates at outdoor restaurants and breweries, but it’s not so cold that we’re completely stuck inside either. So cocktails at home and walks outside in the afternoon are the perfect way to enjoy some down time and restful adventuring.

In addition to evening cocktails, we’re picking up our books a little more and catching up on some reading. I’m enjoying Ruth Ware, and Dill is crushing some finance books.

Nora bug is always interested in whatever we’re doing, rolling all over the place, and talking our ears off lately. She fills each of our slow days with abundant laughter and joy.

We can’t wait to bring her along to our favorite summer spots, plant some fresh blooms together, and take every opportunity to get outside as a little family and enjoy the extra long days headed our way.

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