Open Windows & Road Trip Wishes

We got a delicious little taste of spring last week. Windows were opened and many walks were taken. But in true midwest fashion, it’s slated to cool off again. We’ll take what we can get and be grateful at least we aren’t shoveling any snow these days.

With warm weather on the horizon, we’ve been looking forward to new adventures as a family. And well the adventures aren’t exactly new, so much as a return to some things we love. Like exploring new spots for bites and bevs and traveling.

For the past year, we’ve maintained our strict lockdown since we were newly pregnant and then welcomed a newborn home. Sacrificing things like eating out and taking vacations was a no brainer, but we are just now starting to let ourselves look forward to those things again.

Little midwest road trips, hidden gems just a handful of hours away. That’s the kind of adventure we’re wishing for these days. So here’s to spring in the Midwest and the sweetest summer yet, not far behind!

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