Capsule Closets & Wooden Clogs

Eagerly, I set out my wooden clogs and tucked away my big snow boots. Hung linen shirts and folded up cozy knit sweaters. Our closets have officially turned over from fall and winter to spring and summer. There is something so truly refreshing about that twice a year ritual. You’re left with reflections of the seasons passed, and filled up with fresh excitement for anticipated adventures.

Maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s being a new mom, or maybe it’s just a sentiment that’s come with age, but I’ve found myself leaning deeply into minimalism when it comes to my clothing. I’ve donated bags and bags of pieces that just don’t get worn, and instead only purchased a handful of new things that I know I will wear and wear again.

There are such wonderful communities online for people hoping to embody a capsule wardrobe. There are challenges to try and books to read. So, I’m going to spend some time thinking about what might be right for me, but all I know is I’m ready to part with the need for excess.

Dill and I have spent a lot of time talking about this very idea as it relates to our lifestyle. We keep feeling this push to live with less, travel more, and be able to retire early completely debt free.

So we’re drawing up bucket list travel destinations (road trips for now!), pairing down our possessions, and living with as much intention as we can. Because our time with our sweet girl has been long awaited, we’re maximizing our time and experiences with her as best we can.

Cheers to spring and living big with less.

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