Sweet Dreams & Skillet Cookies

I used to live by schedules and locked in routines, something that worked really well for me as a teacher with a more typical work life. But now as a stay at home mom to an infant, I’ve learned that tight schedules just don’t align with where we are at in life.

Instead, we’ve fallen into rhythms that tend to flow throughout the day. Morning cuddles after sweet full nights of sleep (for now!), books before nap time, walks in the afternoon, and always always dessert in the evening for mama.

Truly, I can’t say I miss the rigidity of a schedule. Did it take some getting used to? Absolutely. But I’ve really come to learn to appreciate the present in a way I just couldn’t comprehend before.

With what seems like so much less time in the day, I actually find myself praying more, creating more, and feeling more productive than ever…even if the daily to-do list doesn’t quite get accomplished.

I know as Nora grows up, our rhythms will change. But for now I’m soaking up the slowness and the simple go-with-the-flowness our family gets to enjoy right now.

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