Daily Reads and Room Refreshes

I’m finally and very gratefully back into the habit of reading before bed. I read a lot during pregnancy, but since Nora was born it was hard to land on a rhythm that allowed for some decent book time at night.

Now that her bed time is pretty consistent (her actual sleep is a different story), Dill and I can fall into our own little night routines. Reading is my favorite way to wind down. I tuck my phone off to the side, turn on my little book light, and read a good chunk before letting myself drift off to sleep.

My sister suggested a book club together with my mom and other sister for the year, so it’s been nice to chat titles and read some new books. Our first was The Chicken Sisters and now I’m well into The Woman in the Window.

Growing up, I remember my parents’ nightstands full of books carefully stacked. I hope Nora sees the joy we get from reading just like I did when I was little.

In addition to some new reading, we also added a few new projects and refreshes to our house. We switched out our area rug in our main room, along with our dining chairs, and of course needed to rearrange some throw pillows and book shelves.

But the biggie is Dill’s office. It’s a sweet little room upstairs that once had some rad orange carpet. But we’re now updating with some hardwood floors. It’s going to look so lovely when the afternoon light shines in the window. We can’t wait to finish it up.

I recently created a master list of all the things I’d like to work on and/or purchase for the house. I’m learning though that this list is living and breathing. And I cannot simply knock it out in a weekend, despite how desperately I love to accomplish design projects.

So we’ll be kept ever so busy, as always, which is just the way we like it. We move a little bit slower these days because we’d much rather spend our time with this cute face!

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