Nora B’s Nursery

Working on this little room during my pregnancy brought so much joy. We didn’t know exactly who would be moving in, but we knew they’d be loved big time and have the sweetest spot in the house.

Space is limited in here so we snagged the essentials for our little bug, and it turned out absolutely beautiful. Ikea and Target were our main sources for furniture, and we decided to keep it very simple with decor (birth poster, mirror, letter ledge, etc.)

Now that miss Nora B is here, we spend so much time in here. It has the best light in the house, and is our favorite spot to read books or doze for an afternoon nap.

I can’t wait to add little touches of our girl in this space as time goes on, but for now, we’re soaking in all the sweetness of this itty bitty nursery.

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