Sweet Nora

It’s been just about a month now since our little Nora bean joined us earth side! I still can’t believe she is here with us. She’s heaven sent, and it’s our greatest honor to love her.

After years of battling infertility, we found out in early February that we were expecting. The journey to get to this miracle pregnancy is a long and winding road. And, it’s a story that we will proudly tell our girl one day. One thing is certain though, she was worth the wait and wait and wait.

Aside from a handful of weeks of morning sickness, this pregnancy was really wonderful. I felt great most days and was grateful for every little change my body was going through growing our girl. Her kicks and tumbles and rolls filled my days as we prepared our hearts and our home for her arrival.

In the last few weeks at an ultrasound, we discovered Baby O was breech. After trying all of the tricks in the book, Dillon and I along with my doctor decided a scheduled cesarean would be the safest way to deliver.

So, we went to bed on the night of October first knowing we’d be meeting our son or daughter just a handful of hours later the next morning (we chose not to find out the sex until the birth, and it was the sweetest surprise)! Upon arriving at the hospital, we got situated in the pre-op room, monitored baby and I, and then prepped for surgery. Dillon scrubbed up, they wheeled me in for my spinal, and before I knew it they brought Dillon in beside me and were beginning!

It was the most beautifully calm OR, full of people so wildly excited for us and so confident in their expertise. Everyone talked us through the process as it was happening, and within minutes they told Dillon to get ready with his camera. He stood up above the curtain, and I heard my doctor say, “Congratulations! You have a daughter!” Seconds later, Nora was brought around to Dillon and I as we met her for the first time.

There are no words for that moment. It is truly the closest I’ve ever felt to God and heaven-meeting our precious and perfect baby girl.

After checking her vitals, she was brought back to Dill and I. We kissed her sweet cheeks and smiled through tears in disbelief that she was ours.

Dillon and Nora headed to the recovery room while they finished up my surgery. Soon after, I joined my little family and had the opportunity to enjoy skin to skin time and try nursing for the first time.

The days after were filled with endless cuddles, nearly constant nursing, and beginning my recovery. We enjoyed the quiet we had just as a family of three and soaked in every second of our peanut before heading home.

We’ve been home for over a month. Dillon took time off for the month, and it was incredible family time together. Nora continues to amaze us. She is growing like crazy, meeting milestones, and amazing us each and every day.

We can’t wait for the months to come with our Nora bean. She’s the greatest gift in the world.

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