2018 Year In Review

Another year gone and it’s about that time we look back and reflect on everything that happened in 2018. For us, it was mostly business as usual. Work kept us pretty busy to start the year with a couple of project go-lives. Summer brought on an incredible trip to Maui, a trip to Maine and New Hampshire, a trip to Vegas, and a lot more time at home. The fall and winter were pretty quiet and busy before a little holiday break and trip to Palm Springs. Work travel slowed down significantly meaning more time at home which we were happy to have, but took some time to get used it. Really trying to embrace the home life. Though we kept up with photo work, I saw a drop in the amount of personal content created. When culling the pictures for this post I realized I ended up with nearly a third of what I had pulled together last year which left me wanting more. 2019 will hopefully be a year of more creating and more projects. Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures of 2018.





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