Basket Weaves and Changing Leaves

We’re winding the summer down (who am I kidding, I said farewell to summer almost a month ago), but it feels like I am just about willing the weather to cool off finally. It’s about time; I need the crisp days to match the back to school lifestyle.

It was a beautiful summer. We are beyond grateful for what that season gifted us. But, I think we are ready. I mentioned how I’m willing the weather to cool off, and I think I’m also willing, or at least welcoming, this notion of change elsewhere, too. We’re open to the unexpected and have learned to embrace the unknown, as difficult as it is. I’m sure we were meant to grow in these ways all along though.

Beyond those hopes for the fall season, we also have some other items on our list. I’m dead set on making it to Devil’s Lake to see the fall changing colors, camping at least once or twice, perfecting my apple pie basket weave, and spending all our free time soaking up Wisconsin. I’ve also set a goal for myself to be more intentional with productivity, foster good daily habits and rhythms, and put serving others at the top of all of my to-do lists.

So, here are my well wishes to you: may the fall season bring you all you’re hoping for, and maybe some surprises, too. Let’s go whip up some apple cider and listen to a fire crackle.



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