Slow Living in Summer

This summer has been amazing – the early sunrises and the late nights. We traveled quite a bit during our summer months, but that’s not to say we didn’t enjoy some needed rest. I adopted this notion of slow living for this summer. Less “stuff”, more experiences and more moments with family and friends.

During the school year everything always feels like it’s go, go, go. All too often, I forget to hit the pause button. To really let myself reset in way that I can better serve the people around me. It’s been refreshing- to just go with the flow. To live slowly, and meaningfully this summer.

We’ve taken it all one day at a time. It’s definitely been busy, but we made the conscious choice to slow down enough this summer to say ‘yes’ to trips we may not normally take. I’ve been working on finding the good and choosing happiness everyday- which is a lot easier when I give myself time to do it.

Slow living is about simplicity, and taking in each day for what it’s really worth. It’s about pairing things down so that you’re spending your time with a clear head and an open heart.

Now here’s to hoping I can keep this mindset for the school year…


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