Viva! – A Vegas Film Diary

We’ve been dying to post these pictures from our trip to Vegas earlier this summer! The thing about film photography though is the patience needed for getting it developed. Finally though, they’re here! Shot on: Canon Snappy LXII

We were in Vegas for Dillon’s brother’s twenty-first birthday. Las Vegas is amazing. It’s alive 24/7. There is always something going on. But we spent plenty of time by the pool, saw a show, ate great food, people watched (<– Vegas is the best for this), and did not win big at any slots or tables. But, it was a great weekend with family! 000038970003000038970004000038970006000038970007000038970008000038970009000038970010000038970011000038970012000038970013000038970014000038970015000038970016000038970018000038970023000038970024000038970025000038970026000038970027000038970028000038970029000038970030000038970032

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