Quick Guide: Favorite Podcasts

I’ve talked about my love of podcasts before, but Dill is getting hooked now, too. So, we figured we’d share some we’re currently listening to and loving.

  • Lore– This one is the best for our road trips back to Chicago. It’s a perfect mix of eerie and fascinating as it dives into the creepy corners of history.  I am easily freaked out, and I still love it for the storytelling!
  • The Goal Digger Podcast– I’ve raved about it before, and I’ll rave about it again. It’s a business podcast the digs deep into modern media and what that means for brands to show up today, especially for women. Even though I’m not interested in starting up a business, I find so much inspiration from the interviews. Perfect for commutes to work to inspire your inner #boss.
  • Stuff You Should Know– Dill and I have made it a point to educate ourselves more on the world around us, and this well-known podcast is perfect. Sometimes we look specifically at the titles, and other times we just download a bunch and listen away. The hosts are quirky and make otherwise complicated topics interesting.
  • Serial– If binge-listening to podcasts is a thing, it’d be for Serial. It tells a story throughout a season that just when you think the mystery unravels, some new riveting piece of evidence throws it all off. SO GOOD. Great for long flights!
  • Jesuitical– A podcast from America Media, “offering a smart, Catholic take on faith, culture and the world (often over drinks).” I like listening to this one once in a while to keep my library well rounded, and to keep me well versed in modern Catholicism.
  • Hashtag Authentic– All things social media. Because let’s face it, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Sara fosters a healthy relationship with digital media and cultivates a space that allows for genuine collaboration and creation.

Honorable Mentions- I just started listening to these, but love ‘em so far.

  • What We Said- Lifestyle podcast hosted by best friends. Talking up health, relationships, and the ups and downs of life.
  • The Art of JoyMother daughter duo taking on what it means to find true joy in life in trial and triumph.

Any other podcasts we need to be listening to?! Let us know.






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