Weekend Recap 50

With a big trip coming up, we wanted to get back and be with our families for a bit. So we drove back early Saturday morning for a quick weekend back in Chicago. Here’s what our weekend looked like:

  1. Maggie and Josh- Dill finished this wedding video a bit ago, and we put it together here to share. Check it out!
  2. Summer vacation- This weekend kicked off my summer vacation for the year. It was quite a year. The days were long, but the year flew by. I am grateful to have this season of rest, though.
  3. Plush Horse– Is it actually summer vacation in the southwest suburbs without a trip to the Plush Horse? I don’t think so. After a very long day, Dill had the wise idea to end the night with a trip for ice cream. Good call, Dill. Good call.
  4. Travel planning- We’re rolling out on a big trip soon, and I could not be more excited. Dillon and I aren’t very good vacationers, as we can only sit still for a little. And this one will have plenty of adventuring. Here are some recaps from some recent  trips to Utah,  the East Coast, and Europe.
  5. Wedding plans- My sister Catherine is getting married this November. And while planning a wedding and all the events that go along with it is sometimes stressful, as I fondly remember, it has truly been fun to be a part of it all again in this way. Can’t wait for them.

It’s June, and 2018 is flying just a bit too fast for me. I’m ready to slow things down and enjoy a restful season.