Weekend Recap 48 & 49

These weeks are flying by. Right when I get down to the wire, I can see the end of the year in the distance, I scramble trying to tie up lose ends all while ending on a good note. It’s been a busy one, and I am so looking forward to some quiet time. But here’s what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks:

  1. Film Diaries– We’ve finally put together some of Dillon’s film photography. Will be sharing some collections every so often as we get them developed.
  2. Memorial Day Weekend- What a weekend! Celebrating a 21st birthday in Vegas is something else. We were there with Dillon’s family for his brother and had a blast. Post coming soon.
  3. Evil Genius-You can always count on us to review what we’ve enjoyed on Netflix lately. Dill watched the docuseries Evil Genius on the flight. I plan to watch it soon, but he liked it. We love our true-crime shows.
  4. Camping Trip- Summer officially feels like it’s just about here after our camping trip to Blue Mound State Park. We’re ready to plan another, who’s in?
  5. The Greatest Showman– It’s about time I watched this one. I’ve only been crushing on the soundtrack for months, and finally watched the movie. So good!
  6. Almost summer- I’m days away from summer vacation. We’ve got travel plans, busy weekends, and lots of goals for the months to come. Here’s to hoping we can stay on top of it and enjoy every last bit of it.