Blue Mound 2018

We decided to pack the car up and head out on the first camping trip of the season this weekend. We both sensed a need to get out and away and take a minute to reset. It was a beautiful weekend at one of our favorite, close-to-home state parks.

IMG_9898IMG_9954IMG_9893Without fail, every single trip brings a massive thunderstorm. Seriously, Dill and I haven’t camped without pouring rain, high winds, and thunder and lighting in the middle of the night. Cleaning up a wet campsite I can handle, but I sometimes get nervous sleeping in a tent so unprotected during bad weather (ya’ll are fine, I’m just a worrier).

Instead of scrambling to the car with our sleeping bags and pillows, we configured the back of our car for sleeping early this time, just in case. And like clockwork, a thunderstorm rolled in just as we went to bed. Despite it being slightly uncomfortable (still fine-tuning the engineering of it all), it was a perfect night that made for the easiest campsite cleanup ever.

IMG_9882IMG_9951IMG_9903Between the Jiffy Pop, campsite walks, and evening fires, I am thrilled to welcome another summer under the stars. And even though we’re still perfecting our strategy, car camping made it that much more fun. Dill said it really felt like fort. Ah, love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. (*Not sponsored, but happily would be.)



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