How many times have you heard this word in the last year or so? It seems like world is finally realizing how important it is to put your own health and happiness first sometimes. It’s like when you are on a plane and the flight attendants remind you to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting anyone else. Because if you aren’t at your best, how can you be there for others? I am no pro at self-care. It’s something I’m working on, and likely will be for the rest of my life. But here are some thoughts on what I’ve learned so far:

Mental Health

This one isn’t talked about enough. And I have it first for a reason. More often than not, I find myself thinking about mental health only when I need to. Like when I really notice my anxiety, or when I am feeling really stressed. I am not as proactive about it as I should be. Conversations and education on mental health are so important and should be a starting point for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle.


When I first started thinking about my own self-care, this thought came last, which is crazy. Originally, I thought self-care was all about treating yourself and staying happy. It’s much more. We need to be kind to our bodies and take care of them. It’s a simple thought, but easier said than done. So for me, I hate working out, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. Self-care is about what’s best for you, not necessarily what’s going to make you happiest in the short term.


There is absolutely a time and place to add what makes you happy, though. Taking a trip. The occasional bath bomb and manicure. Making time for reading or writing. We all have things that we do that really make us happy. We can all use a bit of a quick escape from the day-to-day.


Something I am brand new to. This is being talked up so much, and it really boils down to bringing awareness to your mental state through your physicality, thoughts, and emotions. It is about breath and meditation, and total awareness of the present. For many people, it can even be prayerful. But the openness to the present can be transferred from set meditative time to everyday thinking and living. I am determined to be better at it.

This whole self-care process is a journey. I’d love to hear what it looks like for all of you.



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