Margins for Success

If you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up at the age of say 10 or 11, I probably would have said a mom and a teacher. I’ve accomplished the latter, and the former will happen at some point in the future. So, in many ways I am living out some of my earliest dreams. But, what I didn’t expect, is to have found so many new passions along the way. And the struggle these days? Finding success in all of them.

We all have a myriad of things that make up our identity. What fascinates me is how everyone combines those in their personal and professional lives. Most of my time is spent focusing on school and being the best teacher I can be for my students- which I love doing. That doesn’t always leave all the time in the world for all of the other things that I love.

Without even knowing it, I began creating margins for success. Actually creating time and space to focus on other things I love. It means organizing and valuing your time. Saying “no” to some extra opportunities to open yourself to others. And it means being okay with imperfection for the sake of experience, growth, and happiness.

All this to say that at the end of the day, we have some control over our happiness and how we live out our passions. And while I know that worldly success isn’t the ultimate end goal, I am going to keep plugging along and making margins so I can dive headfirst into what I love.  



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