Weekend Recap 43

Our spirits were lifted this weekend. The sun was out and Madison is finally coming out of hibernation. Seriously, it makes me so happy to see all the restaurants with their outdoor furniture again. The little things, people.  Here’s a look at our weekend:

  1. Record Store Day- Ever since D got his turntable, we’ve been hooked on records. Madison’s Strictly Discs hosted a big event for RSD this year. My dad and sister Cara came up. We waited in line to get inside and browse the collections, bought some albums and spent the day listening to our new finds.
  2. John Denver- Honestly, we snagged this album mainly for the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. Which is a jam, but the rest of this one is SO good, too. Why have I not appreciated this man’s voice more before?
  3. Finally, spring- Dare I say, spring is here? It definitely feels like it, and it’s about darn time. Posted some thoughts about spring here.
  4. Glee– Not entirely sure how this happened, but friends, I am back watching Glee again on Netflix. Haven’t watched since high school. Oh the memories. This show was so refreshing then, and it’s still great now.
  5. Donut love- How many times have I talked about donuts or cinnamon rolls or some other treat on a weekend recap? My little big sweet tooth is a bit of a problem.  Greenbush Bakery coming through once again though.

Hoping you enjoy all this wonderful spring has to offer. If we’re lucky, we’ll squeeze in the first camping trip of the year soon.


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