Spring Dreams

If I am really honest, sometimes I just want spring to hurry the heck up so summer can get here. Midwest springs already get a bad rap for their chilly beginnings, and it doesn’t help that it’s the last season of the school year. But I really want to be intentional this year, and make it meaningful. Here are some thoughts on essentials to really enjoy spring.


One of my favorite parts of spring are all of the fresh flowers. The farmers’ market finally returned (which is my favorite spot to get little arrangements). But I’ll even settle for my grocery store bouquets in the meantime. They don’t disappoint though. So many colorful blooms.

Rain Boots

These are a must. I don’t love the tall Wellies style on me, so my little green Chelsea boots from J. Crew are my favorite. And here’s a link to a ton of different boot styles from Nordstrom.

Food and Drink

Macarons just scream spring (it’s gotta be the pastels). But I am no chef, so I’m not about to give those a whirl just yet. Trader Joe’s has a box of pre-made macarons and they are DELISH. For drinks, I totally dig floral beverages. Elderflower? Throw it in. Lavender? Sign me up. I’m thinking I need my mixologist, Dill, to whip something up.

Get Outside

Grab your raincoat and get outside. We’re planning a spring camping trip, fully ready to embrace the mud that we know we’ll be greeted with. But that’s all part of the fun. And I am dying to have a garden party, flower crowns and all.  So friends with yards, let’s chat.

Ahh, happy spring!


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