Weekend Recap 42

As I write this, I am grumbling a bit at the snow that’s falling.  It’s mid April, and goodness the snow is piling on. But that’s the midwest for ya, always keeping it exciting! Here’s this weekend:

  1. Wren’s Nest– My sister Catherine was in this weekend with her soon to be hubs. It’s been a while since both my sisters and I were together in one place. There is nothing better. And since she’s moved, it’s been that much sweeter seeing her. We talked all things wedding, and I cannot wait for their big day.
  2. Goal Digger- My girl Jenna Kutcher, coming through with all your girl boss needs. Even if you aren’t a business owner, check out her podcast– perfect for creatives. She shows up in a big way and is all about that free content for her listeners.
  3. Fortnite- Leave it to my students to keep me up to date and hip on the cool things these days. It’s THE game to be playing, people. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check it out and play it a bit this weekend…
  4. Travel planning- We’re headed to Hawaii in June, and it can’t come soon enough (seriously, especially with this extraordinarily long winter). This school year has been a busy one, so I am ready for relaxing. Any travel tips and recommendations are welcome!

Maybe, just maybe spring will decide to grace us with its presence soon.  Until then, big cups of coffee, boots, and some beautiful snowfall.



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