Weekend Recap 41

Posting this recap pretty late. Just feels like this week is happening faster than I can keep up with. We packed the weekend full, which only added to the craziness of another work week.  Here’s what we were up to:

  1. Wedding- We got to shoot my brother-in-law’s wife’s sister’s wedding. Not only was the day a blast, but we were able to see some friends and family, too. Holly and Sam’s day was beautiful, and we can’t wait to share more of their story. Check out their engagement pictures!
  2. “Wild Wild Country”- Ahh yes, another fantastic Netflix documentary. We are loving this one right now. It centers around the Indian guru, Bhagwan Rajneesh and his following’s controversial move to a little town in Oregon. There is so much more to the story, and we are completely intrigued.
  3. Cold spring- It really feels like an endless winter. This midwest spring is absolutely killing me! Finally, we are getting that taste of the warmth though- the tulips are popping up, too. I am so ready to camp, and hike, and sit out on the patio at night.
  4. Les Miserables- We saw Les Miz this weekend at the Overture Center. Oh goodness, the tears. I wept through the entire show, as expected.  But, was thrilled to have Dill there to experience my favorite

This week has been crazy. Just felt like there weren’t quite enough hours in the day. Hoping for a relaxing weekend to reset and catch up on some much needed rest.



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