Weekend Recap 40 – Easter 2018

Well it was yet another midwest Easter that was all too cold for my liking. But we bundled up and ventured all around the burbs to see the people we love. We drove in Friday, had a relaxing dinner in Logan Square (Reno, you so good), and then packed our weekend full of family and friends.

Between the hectic work schedules, daily to-do’s, life changes, and general busyness of being back home, the Easter weekend really came at a great time. I sometimes feel like the wild waves of life can easily pick me up in their undertow and take me with them, leaving me feeling really overwhelmed and just not myself. But sure enough, Easter comes along to put it all into perspective.  That we can just leave all our fears and anxieties at the foot of the cross and never walk it alone. I am so grateful for that gift.

And beyond those beautiful thoughts, our weekend was spilling over with love. We attended three Easter celebrations with family, caught up with our friends, and had a little extra time together, D and I. My heart is so, so full after this weekend. All is well, and life is good.

Happy April, friends.


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