Spring Break Staycation

I love to travel. Road trip, camping, flight across the pond, you name it. But goodness, there is nothing like being home. We’ve been really busy this last year  (Amsterdam, Paris, Arizona, East coast, camping trips, and Utah) and have some big trips lined up in the next months. So, the decision to staycation this year for spring break was an easy one. Just me and my honey and our cozy little home.

Here are some thoughts on staycationing:

Put the Relax Back in Relaxation

Even though we spend so many of our weekends at home, the relaxation aspect doesn’t always feel intentional. More often than not, we’re running errands together and tackling projects. A huge part of a successful staycation is to be purposeful with your relaxation. And if you’re anything type A like me, that means actually scheduling some time in the old planner for it. And this looks different for everyone. But it’s special to make time for things we don’t normally do unless we’re on vacation.


I am first to admit that I love browsing the web at the end of a day to ‘relax’.  But the relaxation that comes from really unplugging is so wholesome and refreshing.  So try consuming less content, even if just for a little while.

Play Tourist

Pretend you’re exploring your city for the first time. Browse those tiny little shops you’ve seen a million times, and buy that knick-knack you’ve had your eye on. Go to the fancy restaurant you normally wouldn’t indulge in. Appreciate all your city has to offer with all the comforts of home.

Make it Happen

Whether your renting an Airbnb in your city or just staying at home, make it special. Schedule that massage. Sleep in, really sleep in. Make an insta-worthy breakfast in bed. Leave the chores for another day.

Relax. You deserve it.





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