Boosting Productivity

When I am at school, I am so on it  Always super early mornings and some late nights grading and prepping lessons. I’ve got my workday down, but when I get home, that stamina peters out.  I can’t seem to find that creative productivity to get other work done when I need to. When the moment and mood strike, for sure. So, I’m working on being intentional to set myself up for those moments. Here’s what I’ve got for you:


Self proclaimed perfectionist here, and to-do lists are my best friends. If there is any key to productivity, it is organization. Look at your priorities and really ask yourself what needs to get done right now, and what can wait? Don’t over do it.  If my to-do list is too long, I am so less likely to even start it. Whether you are a little-projects-here-and-there or a one-at-a-time-big-project person, establish your deadlines, get your supplies, and make a plan for your work time.

Set Your Flow

Jenna Kutcher’s podcast featured a discussion on flow with Jess Lively, and it totally blew my mind. Jess discusses how the principles of quantum mechanics can be applied our work/ productivity lives. (Even if you aren’t a science brain, stay with me!) Essentially, it boils down to the notion that we as humans need frequency and flow for success.

She equates frequency to our emotional state, and flow to the actual work. So what makes you intuitively joyful?  Start with that, and then your work will more naturally flow from it. Don’t wait for a bad day to start, rather, intentionally align yourself with what gives you that high frequency/ emotional state for good days. If you really love to work out, start there. If journaling brings you joy, write a few entries before work. What this looks like for me is cleaning (I know, I’m crazy!) and planning in my bullet journal. Really, it centers me, and I actually feel better for the day ahead.

This stuff is crazy research based but fascinating, so I’ll leave it to the professional to better explain it (Jess Lively). The takeaway though? Start your work with what makes you most intuitively joyful.

Find a Workspace

This one seems simple, but I think so many of us are still trying to figure out our workspace. And if you’re anything like me, your desired workspace may change from time to time. Sometimes, I want to be in the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop. Other times, I’m content in the silence of our apartment with a blanket and cup of tea. Pay attention to what your body is telling you while you’re working. Notice when you’re tense versus at complete ease.  Find spaces that make you feel good about the work you’re doing.


Not every project will require you to work with someone else, but there is something so refreshing about touching base with another person. They give you that boost of creativity that often ignites your productivity. Whether I am at school or chatting blogs, I always feel better about the work I am doing after bouncing it off someone else.

Happy working, friends.


Boosting Productivity

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